What We Do

The Stephen Lewis Foundation works with African community-based organizations that are turning the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa. They provide care and support to women, orphaned children, grandmothers and people living with HIV and AIDS. Since 2003, we have worked with more than 300 community-based organizations in the 15 African countries hardest hit by the pandemic.

“The needs of orphans are so varied, so intense, so urgent, that a kind of inspired mass response is necessary.” - Stephen Lewis, chair of the Board of the Foundation

“Grassroots groups are working with tenacity, insight and tenderness to resurrect the lives of orphaned children and to ensure that they grow with a sense of belonging, opportunity and loving support” - Ilana Landsberg-Lewis, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Foundation

From 2003 until June 2014 The Stephen Lewis Foundation has disbursed and committed over $80 million to programme spending, including direct support to over 1100 initiatives for the community based organizations we partner with.To read more about our work, visit The Stephen Lewis Foundation.

"To the international community we say: true sustainability is in the hands of grandmothers and other community activists. We will continue to stand in solidarity with one another throughout Africa and with our Canadian sisters. We are strong, we are visionary, we have faith and we are not alone. Together we will turn the tide of AIDS."

— African Grandmothers, Manzini Statement