Membership is open to anyone with a commitment to supporting the grandmothers in Africa by supporting the Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF).

Members do not need to be grandmothers; grand “others” are equally welcome.

A Nango Grannies (NGG) member is anyone who fills out a membership form for the current calendar year.

Membership is for the calendar year January – December. Members can join any time during the calendar year.


A voluntary membership fee of $20 is payable at the beginning of each calendar year. This fee provides seed money for the NGG for such expenses such as advertising or costs associated with an event. This membership fee is separate from monies raised for donation to the SLF. All monies raised as donations to the SLF go to the SLF and are not retained by NGG. (Members may waive the membership fee by committing to a volunteer activity in lieu of payment.)


Unless members indicate that they desire otherwise, all members will:

  • Receive the minutes of the core group meeting
  • Receive SLF information and announcements from a member(s) designated as a communication person(s)
  • Be apprised of upcoming NGG events and related activities
  • Be asked for volunteer assistance with events or projects.(The NGG respects the fact that many of us have other commitments, including grand-parenting, and all members are valued for their support regardless of their ability to give volunteer time).

From time-to-time e-mails will be sent out concerning the above. If you do not wish to receive these e-mails, please indicate this on your membership form or contact one of the membership committee members.


All NGG members are welcome to be core members. A core member is anyone who:

  • Attends the regular monthly meetings of the NGG
  • Takes an active role in planning and leadership of the NGG


New members will be welcomed with introductory material explaining the SLF and the NGG, as well as a contact person for questions and information.

A welcome social will be held at least yearly to help new members learn about the organization and get to know other members.


Generally speaking, most major NGG events take place from September to June, with July and August off. Often, however, members will hold private events such as birthday parties or garage sales in support of the SLF.