The NanGo Grannies' Virtual Walk: British Columbia's West Coast Trail

NanGo Grannies are on the move striding in this year’s Stride to turn the Tide of HIV and AIDS in sub Saharan Africa. Some are walking and counting steps and some are counting kms running or biking. Others are gardening, swimming, paddling, rowing, dancing, yoga, golf, lawnmowing. All on the move to show our solidarity with our African sister grandmothers as they walk for water, food, medical attention, get to meetings and everywhere else they need to go. We are inspired and humbled with what they accomplish every day as they support their grandchildren and their communities.

It is easy to participate. Keep track of your daily activities from now until the end of July. Email weekly your steps or times spent in an activity to: Cynthia and they will be added to our group total.

JOIN US! Click on this link to arrive at our TEAM PAGE at SLF and sign up on our team.

Catch up on our weekly progress here