Here's a pictorial history of the fun we've had raising a total of over $100,000 for African grandmothers!

Intermission Fabric Sale Bike Tour 4 Coloroso New Members Concert Bike Tour 3 Bike Tour 2 Christmas Wreaths Plant Sale African Mrkt African Market 3 chairs Painting chairs Award Book Sale Garage Sale Aids Walk Garden Party Bike Tour 1 Stephen Lewis
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2006:      NanGo Grannies with Stephen Lewis

2006:      Island Bike Tour Fund Raiser

2006:      Garden Party Fund Raiser

2007:      Nanaimo Aids Walk

2007:      Garage & Plant Sale

2008:      Book Sale Fund Raiser

2009:      Co-recipient of the Rosemary Brown Award

2010:      Preparing for the "Chair Affair"

2010:      Three Chairs for the NanGo Grannies

2012:      Afrikan Market

2012:      African styled clothing for sale

2013:      A Spring Plant Sale

2013:      Making Christmas wreaths

2014:      The annual bike tour

2014:      The annual bike tour

2014:      Feeding the concert goers

2014:      New members' reception

2015:  An evening with Barbara Coloroso  (3rd left)

2015:  This year's cyclists

2015:  Our annual Giant Fabric Sale

2015:  Soul Choir Intermission Refreshment Sales