20th Anniversary Quilt

This beautiful quilted artwork will be on displayed at Nanaimo North Library on Hammond Bay Road.

April 26th to May 1st.,

The 20th Anniversary Solidarity Quilt entitled "Nurturing Generations Under the Canopy of Sisterhood" celebrates the Stephen Lewis Foundation and the Grandmothers Campaign. It depicts a grandmother tree, arms outstretched in a demonstration of her competence and leadership, with roots running deep into the heart of her community. Beneath her canopy are seedlings, symbolizing the children she has cared for during the AIDS pandemic and beyond. Representing the remarkable journey grandmothers in Africa have made in the face of adversity, this magnificent handmade quilt was crafted over 4 months by 20 grandmother groups across Canada, with contributions of fabric from over 300 women in Canada and Africa. [see photograph of library display below]

Blank Note Cards with Envelopes

  • We have blank note cards of the quilt with envelopes for sale.
  • They are $ 4.00 each or 3 for $10.00.
  • To order, please go to our contact page.

Library Quilt Display [left to right: Sue, Bonnie & Cynthia]